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Wisconsin Addiction TreatmentWisconsin addiction treatment is here to help anyone seeking addiction treatment. Most addicts will say that the toughest decision to make is usually admitting that they have a drug or alcohol addiction problem, but some say that actually doing something about the addiction is a harder step to take. The decision to enroll in to a drug addiction treatment and recovery program can be the toughest decision any addict will have to make.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s drug and alcohol problems are one of the fastest growing in the United States with over 28% of the population currently inhaling marijuana and over 23% addicted to pain medications. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health, when it comes to arrests for driving while intoxicated, Wisconsin ranks 1.4 times higher than the national average. A major problem exists in the state, and officials are researching effortlessly to figure out ways to combat the growing epidemic.

Drug-related arrests associated with marijuana accounted for 77% of all arrests in Wisconsin, according to a 2010 report compiled by the Wisconsin Department of Health. With figures like this, it’s apparent that the number one drug-related issue in the state is with this gateway drug. Studies have shown in past years that when youth try marijuana for the first time, they are more susceptible to trying other types of drugs more harmful to the body. Among high school students in the state, 37% have admitted to trying marijuana at least once along with 11% saying that have tried some other inhalant.

Another major problem among the young in the state is the abuse of prescription drugs. According to the same report done by the Department of Health, 18% of high school students admitted to abusing prescription drugs such as oxycodone and Vicodin. Prescription drugs are usually easier for teenagers to obtain, unlike other drugs like cocaine and heroin. Due to this fact, the abuse and addiction to these type of drugs is becoming far too common not only in Wisconsin but across the United States.

Over the past ten years, the Wisconsin Department of Health has reported that the drug-related death rate in the state has nearly doubled. To try and combat the issue, the state of Wisconsin along with the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse created a Controlled Substances Workgroup. The finding of their study released in the 2012 Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use and outlined areas communities and government officials need to focus on when it comes to the state’s growing addiction problem.

They are:

  • Underage drinking: Thirty-nine percent of those between the ages of 12 and 20 were found to be current users of alcohol. According to a 2011 report created by the Wisconsin Department of Health, Wisconsin was among the top states when it came to high school students consuming alcohol.
  • Adult binge drinking is a growing concern. A 2010 report by the Wisconsin Department of Health states that over 32% of the population aged 18 to 34 admitting to binge drinking. With one of the highest statistics in the country, binge drinking is a problem that officials feel should not be overlooked. Although the numbers have declined in the state over the past couple of years, they still remain high enough to cause alarm.
  • Drinking among pregnant women was also another concern the 2012 report outlined. Nine percent of women in the state reported drinking while they were pregnant. Although the statistics may not seem high, 9% is more than any other reporting state.
  • Alcohol-related motor vehicle fatalities and injuries are other concerns officials and communities need to investigate. Wisconsin currently has a high drinking and driving rate along with a high rate of consumption. Due to these two factors alone, officials have been working around the clock to find ways to reduce this statistic.
  • Drug-related deaths were the last item the report listed. While deaths reported are actually a bit lower than the national average, the workgroup still felt the figures were significant enough to require improvement.

While Wisconsin officials combat the issue on a local and state level, there are treatments individuals and communities can take to help.

  • When it comes to prescription drug abuse, parents can deter risk by purchasing locked medicine cabinets. Studies have shown that the rise of abuse related to prescription drugs is due to its easy access. Parents who take these addictive pills to overcome surgery or long term pain need to be aware of this and careful with where and how they store medication.
  • For those with alcohol addiction, Wisconsin offers state-of-the-art in-house treatment centers for those with low income.
  • Alcohol Treatment Courts were first introduced in the state in 2009 when Waukesha County launched the program. Other communities around the state have started putting them in, creating positive results for both addicts and neighbors. These courts combine a traditional court setting with specialized treatment catered to help the individual overcome their addiction. The main focus of these courts is on community safety and rehabilitation. The court is set up using a structure of penalties and rewards depending on the status of the offender.

Although Wisconsin may have one of the highest rates of consumption for alcohol and some illicit drugs, progress is being made in the state. With the introduction of specialty courts, like the Alcohol Treatment Courts, officials are starting to see marked improvement. Compared to 2010 figures, the number of youth participating in binge drinking has decreased drastically from 32% to just around 24%. While Wisconsin still has a long way to go, the ideas being implemented and the treatment being offered for addicts is proving to be a step in the right direction.

Addiction Treatment

When you are looking for the best Wisconsin addiction treatment center for either yourself, or for yourself, or for a relative that needs the help, you will find that the right inpatient center is going to offer the facilities, the help, and the best doctors and nurses on staff, to properly take care of your addiction treatment needs. You will find that when you go to the right inpatient center, you are going to have your ties with the outside world cut off, therefore you are going to be taken away from the people and the places that led you to the addiction that you are dealing with, and need the treatment for. You are also going to find that with the best inpatient center, you are going to have the support and the staff on hand, at all times of the day, to give you the assistance and the help you need, in order to get over the addiction.

When choosing an inpatient addiction treatment center, you have to consider the facility as a whole, what is offered as far as patient care, and what kinds of restrictions and rules are set in place, in order for all patients to get the help and the treatment that they require. You will find that the best centers are those that will take the patient away from all the negativity, the people, and the places, which led them to their addictive behavior, and the center is going to supply them with the help, the staff, and the support system which they need, in order to get over their addictive behaviors. So, in choosing an inpatient addiction treatment center, taking the time to find the best facilities and those with the best staff and patient care, has to be the first priority to the patient.

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Some of the counselors here at our addiction treatment facility are recovering addicts themselves. They’ve been through the pain of addiction and have encountered all its difficulties – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. This helps the client feel more comfortable because they will be talking to an individual that has been in their shoes and knows their pain.

Our caring and compassionate staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you still have questions that need to be answered, or if you just want more information about our addiction treatment center, feel free to call us.

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