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Grand Rapids, Michigan Addiction TreatmentGrand Rapids, Michigan addiction treatment centers offer you a chance to get clean and sober. Grand Rapids, Michigan is the second largest city in Michigan with a total population of 197,800 people. Due to the large size of this city, drugs and alcohol addiction are always present. People throughout this city have become addicted to drugs and alcohol. There is hope in the city of Grand Rapids with the Addiction Treatment Centers that are there to provide help to anyone that wants to change their addiction situation. Life can be lived without drugs and alcohol and individuals are beginning to clean up their lives.

Drug Abuse Trends Causing the Need for Grand Rapids, Michigan Addiction Treatment

In Grand Rapids, MI, you may know someone who is struggling with a drug addiction. It may seem like there is no helping the person, but the sooner you help them enter a treatment program the better their chances are at recovery. Addiction is a progressive disease that gets worse over time, so they have a much better chance of regaining control over their life when they go into an inpatient program during the early stages of this potentially fatal disease.

Drug Trends in Michigan

The drug problem in Michigan is growing at an astronomical rate. In 2007, over 1,500 people died as a direct result of substance abuse. When you compare that to the 1,229 who died in an automotive accident or the 1,095 who died from firearms incidents, it’s clear that substance abuse is the biggest problem that the residents in Michigan are facing.

A study from 2010 showed that nearly 8,000 people who entered treatment were there because of a problem with marijuana abuse. While many people look at marijuana as the least dangerous drug, it is a gateway drug and can become highly addictive. Once an addict become tolerant of the effects from marijuana, they will search out harder drugs to get the high that they’re looking for. During the same year, over 5,000 people entered a drug treatment program because of their problem with heroin, which shows that many people who began using marijuana may have escalated to heroin.

Seeking Help for an Addict

As a loved one of an addict, it’s common for you to want to help them on your own. Unfortunately, you can’t treat addiction by providing a person with shelter, money or unconditional love. Your best option for the person to recover from this disease is to enter them in an inpatient facility in Grand Rapids, MI. They’ll be able to focus on their recovery without the distractions from the outside world.

The first step in the process of inpatient is a full medical evaluation. Depending on the person’s drug dependence, they may need to go through a medical detoxification process. They will be monitored by a medical staff who specializes in addiction to ensure that the addict is safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Once detox has been completed, the addict will begin intensive rehabilitation treatment. They will attend both individual and group therapy where they will learn more about what has fueled their addiction and how to deal with their triggers in a healthy way.

Finding Grand Rapids, Michigan Addiction Treatment

If you are ready to turn your life over from addiction to a permanent recovery from addiction, you need to call us. As Grand Rapids, Michigan addiction treatment professionals that know what you are going through, we can help you to start a new life without addiction. Make the call today for a better living, we can help you with every step you need to take. Addiction recovery may be hard but the alternative may be deadly, so call us now.

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