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Drug Treatment in MichiganThere are many options for drug treatment in Michigan, and many reasons to consider entering one. One reason to seek drug treatment in Michigan is if you are feeling the physical, mental or emotional side effects of drug usage – things like depression, physical pain, anxiety, paranoia and so on. Alternatively, maybe you are just tired of fearing for your health and safety and you’ve grown tired of your continual self-destructive behavior. If either of these scenarios rings true, then it is time to research your treatment options.

Inpatient Drug Treatment in Michigan

This option offers overnight residence and on-site detoxification. There is also the prolonged treatment of multiple addictions and disorders and 24-7 medical supervision. Best of all, it provides a safe haven from the temptations and stresses of the outside world. The programs are one of the several options for inpatient drug treatment.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

This option allows recovering addicts the time and flexibility to maintain their schedule at work and home if needed. Treatment is provided most often during business hours with no on-site detox and no medical supervision. Counseling and therapy are often less intense than with other treatment options, but the cost is also usually less.

Long-term Residential Drug Treatment

There is no way to tell exactly how long drug treatment in Michigan will be needed but certain addiction cases will definitely require longer lengths of time than others. For instance, a heroin addiction will require intense, prolonged detoxification to rid the body of residual toxins and expedite recovery. A marijuana addiction, on the other hand, will more likely require a shorter treatment period. Long-term residential drug treatment in Michigan can last a year or more, with an intense focus on treatment to help the person live their best possible life.

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