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A dual diagnosis treatment center offers a specialized and focused treatment approach that clients deserve. Treatment for dual diagnosis is more complex than a single addiction. Clients with dual diagnosis require an individualized treatment approach that is flexible to their particular mental illness and addiction.

A Professional Diagnosis Treatment Center

Mental illness often feeds a subsequent addiction. Therefore, mental health professionals must approach the treatment plan with absolute fluidity. This enables the client to adjust according to his or her own comfort level. Dual diagnosis treatment centers have highly qualified mental health professionals on staff that have experience working with the needs of clients with a dual diagnosis. Staff members are particularly experienced with the unpredictability that surrounds this segment of clients and they are prepared to handle unexpected behaviors.

Proven To Work

Dual diagnosis treatment centers pride themselves on offering a meticulously organized and thorough care plan. This is necessary for dual diagnosis clients because the care is multifaceted versus one-sided when dealing with one diagnosis. Clients receive a holistic approach to recovery. This approach incorporates healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Separate professionals are engaged to address each aspect of care. To heal the mind, mental health professionals work with clients to improve their functionality with mental illness. Physical fitness is incorporated in order to emphasize overall physical wellness. Spiritual healing allows clients to regain their connection with their spiritual being and learn to incorporate spirituality into their daily lives.


Our dual diagnosis treatment centers assist clients who are struggling with the combination of addiction and mental illness. In a recent study published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse showed that, 55% of individuals with alcohol addictions had a coexisting mental disorder and those with any drug addictions other than alcohol had a rate of 64%. Such double disorders often pose a double treatment challenge that can best be addressed by inpatient addiction treatment centers.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Dual Diagnosis Treatment CenterOur dual diagnosis treatment centers combine mental health and substance abuse program interventions. We found that our clients with a dual diagnosis have a difficult time attaining sobriety for any length of time without getting help for the coexisting mental illness. With neither illness adequately treated, the clients move ever closer to such self-defeating settings as jail, institutionalization, or untimely death. It is important that dual-diagnosed clients suffering from coexisting independent disorders acquire simultaneous integrated intervention in order to achieve the best outcomes.

We provide a drug and alcohol-free setting at our dual diagnosis treatment centers. Removal from a social environment where cues for alcohol and abuse are powerful, or from a family environment where highly volatile emotions may be present is important in achieving recovery. The clients have clear and constant boundaries at the centers which counter the impulsive and characteristic chaotic behavior associated with dual diagnosis.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Dual diagnosis treatment program is the program designed for addicts with a mental health disorder and a substance addiction problem.  These programs are nowhere near as intense as a regular addiction treatment program because a person with a serious mental health disorder will not understand what is happening to them and will become seriously distressed.

Do You Need A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program?

Dual diagnosis treatment program center the attention for recovery on the client’s feelings.  The professional staff will treat the mentally sick addict as if he or she is a child and will not scare them or make them feel uneasy as the normal addiction treatment programs may do.  They focus most of the treatment solely around counseling and working out the addiction through talking and listening.

The client cannot help they have an addiction problem, just like any other addict, but the professional staff will all be willing to provide all the help they can give.  Throughout the dual diagnosis treatment program the client will get their daily routines changed so that he or she will follow these routines after recovery without the drugs in their lives.

Help From A Proven Effective Treatment Facility

Before departing, clients learn effective coping skills that are immensely useful in their transition back into their busy daily lives. These tools are effective in resisting a relapse. Essentially, a dual diagnosis treatment center possesses all the essential characteristics that clients require in order to address multifaceted sobriety issues.

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