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The drug rehabilitation success rates vary depending upon which type of rehabilitation a person has chosen. Inpatient treatment facilities all have the same bottom line: to release a person in better health than when they were admitted. How the person gets to this increased level of health depends on which type of rehabilitation method a facility uses.

Do You Know the Drug Rehabilitation Success Rates?

Bio-Physical Method or Detox

The bio-physical method of drug rehabilitation works to get toxins out of the body by using exercise and vitamin supplements. It is commonDrug Rehabilitation Success Rates knowledge that drug metabolites can remain in the fat of the addict for many years after cessation of use. The bio-physical method believes that these metabolites are responsible for the cravings, anxiety and depression that accompany rehabilitation. This type of rehabilitation is coupled with educational classes that are designed to educate the recovering addict as well as give him or her the tools necessary to become a productive member of society once again. The success rate for people using this type of rehabilitative method is around 70 percent.

Religious Method

Some people prefer to follow a faith based method of treatment. With many addicts, they find that the drugs have caused them to avoid their religious convictions and this adds even more guilt for them to deal with.  A faith-based method of treatment allows the individual to reconnect with their religious faith and draw strength from it during the recovery process.  This method of treatment carries a good success rate.

Behavioral Modification

Behavior modification is designed to help the addict change the way they react to stress or daily responsibilities to help them learn to cope without the need for drugs or alcohol as a crutch. This method of rehabilitation seeks to rebuild the individual to become a more socially acceptable person. These methods of treatment have a high success rate.

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Drug rehabilitation success rates are affected by whether or not the addict completes treatment. In order for any type of drug rehabilitation treatment to be effective, the addict must honestly want to stop using. It is almost useless to send the addict to rehab if he or she does not want help or treatment. Use tough love and avoid falling into the enabling mode, and the addict you love will eventually ask for some help.

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