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Drug rehabilitation is often shortened to drug rehab or referred to as just rehab. It is a catch-all term for the process of identifying, treating and recovering from drug, alcohol or substance addiction.

Drug RehabilitationDrug rehabilitation programs typically address the two major aspects of an addiction, the physical dependency, and the psychological dependency.

Drug Rehabilitation Process

The addiction treatment of the physical dependency involves detox or a detoxification process to help with withdrawal symptoms that result from a regular or prolonged use of an addictive substance. Drug or alcohol use changes the physical makeup of the brain and body, resulting in physical cravings. The body actually needs the substance, and in some cases, it can take the body weeks or even months to return to “normal”. The withdrawal symptoms are directly related to the drug or substance involved in the addiction.

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Information

The drugs rehabilitation treatment of the psychological addiction is based on teaching or re-learning the addict on how to function and interact in a substance free environment. Treatment at a drug rehabilitation clinic is usually behavioral based and examines many of the “causes” of the addiction. Addiction counseling ensures new habits are learned during a drug rehabilitation program and steps are made to correct damages to personal relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

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