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Open Ended Drug Rehab ProgramOur drug rehab is an open ended drug rehab program. In the case of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, an open ended drug rehab program, with an average 30 – 90-day stay, provides the tools necessary to break free from dependence on an addictive substance while allowing for quicker integration back into the regular routine of daily life.

Open Ended Drug Rehab Program Benefits Include

  • Detoxification. The first part of an open ended drug rehabilitation program involves cleansing the body of the toxicity caused by drug use. It is only once the body is free of the addictive drug that recovery can truly begin. The detoxification regimen can vary to suit the unique needs of each individual and can include anything from medical support and increased exercise, to healthy diet changes and much more.
  • Counseling and Support. For the entire drug rehab program, support and care are given by medical professionals, counselors, former addicts and others currently seeking treatment. Addicts are allowed to explore and express all of the issues that led to addiction and are encouraged to develop new tools and coping mechanisms to effectively stop the cycle of drug abuse. This will ensure that, even after the stay in rehab is over, a drug-free lifestyle can be maintained.
  • Education. An addict learns every facet of their addiction. Once someone clearly understands how their addiction works, they are more readily able to stop it. Knowledge is power.
  • Freedom from Temptation. While it may only take 30 days to break bad habits and replace them with better ones, we know it can sometimes take longer than 90. It is one of the hardest periods in the recovery process to get through. During this time, because of intense cravings and dependence on addictive habits, relapse is highly likely. An open-ended drug rehab program safeguards an addict from all factors that can lead to recovery failure: access to drugs, contact with fellow users and any daily stresses that may trigger the desire to use.
  • Convenience. While most addicts would do anything to get clean and stay clean, it is not always practical to “check out” of regular life for a period of three months or more. There are mortgages to pay, families to support – lives to lead. An open-ended drug rehab program can integrate an addict back into daily life, fully equipped with all the tools necessary to enjoy a substance-free life to the fullest, in a matter of four short weeks.
  • Follow-up Support. While 30 days can be sufficient time to change a habit, a former addict needs to know that they are never alone in their struggle against addiction. Additional counseling is highly encouraged after the rehab program ends, and the tools to recognize the need for help, and where to find it, are provided during the treatment process.

Inpatient Treatment is Best

While there are cases where a longer stay in an open ended drug rehab program is warranted, it is not often necessary or practical. A 28-45 day program can provide someone wishing to free themselves from a drug addiction cycle with all the tools necessary to take back their life.

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