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Healing Through Spirit Rehab

In addition to focusing on the physical and mental aspects of addiction, finding or developing one’s spiritual nature can be the most important aspect of one’s recovery, and spirit rehab seeks to provide this much-needed aspect of healing.  When we speak of spiritual matters, we do not push a belief system that the client is uncomfortable with.

Spirit RehabMany clients arrive at the center with an established faith or belief system.  Others are on a journey of spiritual discovery.  Others find empowerment from within and don’t feel comfortable seeking spirituality outside of themselves.  We provide a spirit rehab environment that allows our clients to seek their own spiritual paths without being forced to adhere to beliefs that are not truly their own. We respect the rights and beliefs of our clients and understand that the spiritual journey can be the most important part of anyone’s program of recovery.

In order to accomplish this, we have designated five spirit rehabtracks”, or paths, that are used to compliment the cognitive therapy the client receives.

Spirit Rehab Tracks

The following tracks are generally decided at the beginning of the program:

Faith-Based Track

For the client who is receptive to Christian principles, the faith-based track is composed of guided Bible study, Celebrate Recovery, spiritual lectures, and teachings or sermons conducted by ordained pastors and ministers. On Sundays and Wednesdays, we provide outside church services.

Self-Help Track

For the client who feels more comfortable in support groups, the self-help track consists of outside meetings as well as lectures and groups on addiction and recovery topics.

Cognitive Track

For the client who doesn’t feel comfortable in faith-based or traditional recovery settings, the Cognitive track offers a variety of lectures and therapy approaches including enhanced cognitive therapy and personal empowerment.

Holistic Track

For the client who doesn’t feel comfortable in faith-based or traditional recovery settings, the Holistic track offers a variety of lectures and spiritual paths, including enhanced cognitive therapy, discipline, eastern philosophies, relaxation techniques, nutritional/vitamin therapy, yoga, massage therapy and spiritual lectures.

Native American Spirituality Track

For the client who is either Native American or is seeking to enhance their spirituality or doesn’t feel comfortable in a faith-based track, the Native American Spirituality track offers a variety of lectures and spiritual paths.  Native Americans don’t consider their beliefs to be a “religion“, but rather, an integral part of their being.  For this reason, the Native American Spirituality track allows the individual to incorporate their beliefs as the most important aspect of healing.

Spirituality Rehab

Although many clients focus on one particular track upon admission to the spirit rehab program, they are not committed there.  Generally, each evening each client has the option of choosing from one of five unique approaches. For example, if a client began on the self-help track but found an interest in Native American principles he may switch to the Native American track without concern. In addition, if a client felt well-grounded in his Christian faith but was interested in exploring meditative techniques and discipline he could just as easily switch to the holistic track or a Native American Spirituality track.

we feel that in giving the client the right to choose these spiritual enhancements to their spirit rehab program actually empowers the client and makes their recovery truly their own.  Unfortunately, many conventional treatment centers tell clients that “if they don’t accept their particular brand of recovery they probably won’t stay sober.”  Our goal is to help the client discover their own recovery tools that will work for them.

Our Spirit Rehab Counselors

In order to create such a successful approach to recovery, we have a large variety of spirit rehab counselors from many different modalities of recovery available for the treatment programs.  Some of our counselors have worked in 12-step programs and Christian faith-based treatment centers. Many have gotten sober practicing their own spirituality, while others have found help through cognitive programs.  With our diverse staff of Christians, Atheists, Native Americans, Buddhists, and Spiritual Teachers, we feel we can offer whatever a client needs in a in spirit rehab.

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