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Spirit and faith based rehab is a highly effective rehab treatment . Addiction takes over theSpirit and Faith Based Rehab addict’s life making sure to leave no part of it untouched. Addiction and abuse will leave you feeling beat down and worthless; while at the same time powerless to do anything about it except take more drugs to numb the feelings and pain again.

About Spirit and Faith Based Rehab

Here, we provide a form of spirit and faith based rehab that allows you to find your own path and empowerment from within. Our staff never pushes a belief system on clients that is not their own or that they do not feel comfortable with. The majority of our clients come in with a religious or belief system already present in their lives.

Often times, the addiction will take over their lives and any thoughts of the spirituality that once was there, making the drugs or alcohol the comfort for them. Eventually, all former friendships and relationships are ruined or damaged leaving you feeling alone and helpless. Restarting a spiritual journey and learning who you are without the presence of addiction are important parts of the recovery journey. While we encourage the spirit and faith based rehab as part of the treatment program; we do respect the rights and beliefs of our clients and allow them to find their own way in this journey.

Our spirit and faith based rehab consists of five individual and separate paths that compliment the cognitive therapy. For those who are Native American or are just simply trying to find their spirituality, we offer a Native American Spirituality track that can be followed. We also offer the options of Self-help or 12-step tracks for those who would rather use support groups and outside help for their recovery. There are some who do not have a religion or do not feel comfortable with the faith based rehabs. For those, we offer the options of a Cognitive track that encourage personal empowerment, lectures, and other therapy-type approaches to their recovery. The Holistic track is very similar and includes a form of enhanced cognitive therapy but offers the options of discipline, eastern philosophies, relaxation, Buddhist techniques and spiritual lectures. There are many options available and many paths to choose from during the treatment programs. These are choices that are made as we put together your treatment program with our certified addiction counselors.

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Many of our clients come from Christian based principles and beliefs. For these clients, we offer a more Faith-based track that includes Bible study, Celebrate Recovery and spiritual lectures and sermons. We have ordained pastors and ministers that come in on a regular basis to teach classes and give counseling. Outside church services are also provided on Sundays and Wednesdays when attending spirit and faith based rehab.

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