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Native American Drug RehabAt our facility, we are committed to meeting the specific needs of each client and, in that spirit, we are offering a track designed for those who follow Native American beliefs and customs.  This Native American drug rehab track is called the Indigenous Track. It is focused around the culturally relevant recovery materials and methods that have been developed by White Bison Inc. for the Native American Wellbriety movement.  The core materials include:The Red Road to Wellbriety in the Native American Way”, “The Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps”, and “Relaxations with Native American Elders.”  The Indigenous Track is led by a licensed Native American counselor who is also certified by White Bison Inc. as a Wellbriety Circle Fire-starter.  Talking Circles are used extensively in this track.

The Indigenous Track

In the Indigenous Track, our clients learn not only how to heal from their addiction, but also how to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  While attending the Indigenous Track, our clients are encouraged to attend Sweat Lodge ceremonies and engage in other culturally relevant activities.  During our Indigenous Track, we also address the emotional traumas of the past, including the pains associated with the Inter Generational Trauma from the Indian Boarding School Era, which are still negatively impacting native people today.  Our Indigenous Track is a good way to find your way back to “Mino Mikana,” the Good Path.

When our Native American drug rehab clients graduate from the program, they are well prepared to join or start Wellbriety Circles in their home community and participate fully in other Native American Wellbriety Movement activities to further enhance and sustain their long-term wellness.

Who can benefit from the Native American Drug Rehab Indigenous Track?

Native American Drug Rehab

  1. The client who is Native American and seeks to restore their life through traditional teachings and ceremony.
  2. The client who is not receptive to typical drug rehab programs, or is comfortable in a Christian Faith based environment. He or she may not be resistant to spiritual teachings, but he or she is seeking their own path to recovery.
  3. The client who is interested in enhancing their current recovery base with alternative practices and spirituality.

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