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Moral Reconation Therapy, or MRT

Moral Reconation Therapy is designed to enhance self-esteem, social, moral and positive behavior to help support these positive traits. MRT is an objective systematic treatment system designed to enhance these positive behaviors in a progressive step-by-step fashion. MRT has 12 to 16 steps, depending on the treatment population. MRT attempts to change how drug abusers and alcoholics make decisions and judgments by raising the addicts moral reasoning.

Moral Reconation TherapyMoral Reconation Therapy was first developed in 1985 by Dr. Gregory Little and Dr. Kenneth Robinson and was based around the idea of changing the behaviors and thought processes of felons.  Addicts must learn to think on a more positive level with a concern for other people and social conventions.  This can be accomplished with several basic treatment approaches that target understanding of beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Assessment of relationships, reinforcing positive behavior, enhancing self-concept, learning tolerance and moral reasoning also play a role in getting to the root of the problem and learning more effective means of coping.

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Ideally, by the complete commitment and completion of this program, the addict will gain a better understanding of the habits and behaviors of their old way of thinking and will begin to change the way he or she views their life, goals, relationships and can plan how to overcome the obstacles that have been blocking them. Please do not hesitate to contact us and begin your path to a healthy lifestyle through Moral Reconation Therapy.

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