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If you’re interested in learning about Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), it is a unique approach to addiction treatment that focuses on increasing moral reasoning to help change old habits and thought processes.  Through these changes, there will also be changes in the behaviors that are associated with addiction and drug use.  This approach is similar in many ways to cognitive behavioral therapy and is designed to carry on even after treatment has ended.

Good Things About Moral Reconation Therapy

About Moral Reconation TherapyOne great aspect about Moral Reconation Therapy is that the structured steps take place in a traditional group and individual counseling sessions.  It utilizes structured group exercises and homework to help with positive behavioral growth socially, morally, and with the ego.  Many of these steps focus on several different treatment issues that include an assessment of current relationships;  confronting attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs;  forming a positive identity;  enhancing self-concept;  reinforcing positive behaviors;  decreasing self-gratification;  decreasing the development of frustration tolerance, and developing a higher stage of moral reasoning.

Focusing on changing thought processes and habits through increasing moral reasoning can help in creating the setting for a lifelong recovery from addiction.  MRT can be done in either an outpatient or inpatient setting depending on the individual addiction problem.  It requires active participation in the therapy sessions and recovery process rather than the client passively sitting in the therapy sessions.  This means that they are proactive in their journey of healing and self-discovery.

Another positive about Moral Reconation Therapy is, with its unique approach to addiction treatment, quickly becoming one of the more used treatment programs in the country.  MRT is not only effectively being used to help transform the lives of addicts but is also being used by the court systems to help transform the thoughts and lives of many criminals.

Learn More About MRT and How It Can Help

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