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Moral ReconationIn addition to focusing on the physical and spiritual aspects of addiction, it is of the utmost importance that we place great emphasis on the mind using Moral Reconation.  For many addicts, their entire existence is based on using or seeking drugs.  Others spend a great deal of effort trying to keep their behavior a secret.   There are still others who consider drug use to be a social norm.  Moral Reconation is an approach that helps addicts change the way they think about drugs in order to take back control.

MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy)

MRT was developed in 1985 by Dr. Gregory Little and Dr. Kenneth Robinson.  Since then it has become the preferred program in prison and court systems of over 40 states.  This long-term approach seeks to change the thought patterns of criminals to reduce recidivism.  It is the core of our treatment programs, and has shown tremendous results.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) works by increasing moral reasoning abilities in juvenile and adult criminal or substance abuse offenders. This systematic treatment approach has high success rates in reducing recidivism by combining elements that encourage positive behavioral growth. MRT takes the form of group and individual counseling with structured group exercises and homework assignments.

The workbooks are formatted into sixteen steps, or units, that focus on seven basic treatment elements:

  • Confrontation of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Assessment of current relationships
  • Reinforcement of positive behavior and habits
  • Positive identity formation
  • Enhancement of self-concept
  • Decrease in hedonism and development of frustration tolerance
  • Development of higher stages of moral reasoning

The main advantage about moral reconation therapy is that our clients are actively involved in the sessions by participating in drills, exercises, and self-discovery sessions. This offers a distinct advantage over other programs where clients sit passively hoping to learn something valuable. We adapted the MRT model to focus on the thought processes of addicted individuals with the goal of replacing these unhealthy, lifelong thought patterns with positive thoughts and proactive behaviors.

Normally, the MRT program is utilized by outpatient programs or in a penal setting with a scarce two hours per week of counseling, but at our facility, clients benefit from over 25 hours per week of Moral Reconation Therapy with counseling, exercises, and practical applications.

Group and Individual Counseling

Each client participates in group therapy sessions for eight hours per week.  Under the guidance of certified counselors, clients explore aspects of recovery that might otherwise have been overlooked.  They also benefit from input and interaction from other clients who are experiencing the same issues.

In addition to group therapy, we have many counselors with different backgrounds in recovery.  Some of us have a focus in 12-step modalities, others are Christian faith-based,  some are cognitive and we even have Buddhists and Spiritual Teachers available for counseling at various times throughout the client’s recovery process.

Education, Lectures, Workshops and Films Dealing with Moral Reconation Therapy

For additional enhancement, our resident counselors, as well as outside lecturers, come in 5 days a week to provide additional education on various topics of addiction and the recovery process.

Ideally, by completion of the program, the client not only gains a better understanding of their addiction and old way of thinking, but has already begun to change the way that they view their life, goals and how to overcome the obstacles that have been blocking them.  Freedom from active addiction becomes an actuality and life gains new purpose with Moral Reconation.

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