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One of the newest forms of alcohol rehabilitation involves the Holistic approach.  Holistic drug rehab centers or treatment and recovery centers that offer Holistic programs are increasing in numbers due to the fact that they target specific spiritual needs of their clients.  The same holds true where Holistic Alcohol Rehab is concerned.  We feel that our Holistic approach to alcohol abuse and rehab enables the client to succeed in an environment that has been specifically designed for their needs.

Traditional alcohol treatment and recovery programs enable the body to repair itself following a regimen of detoxification of the body, adequate sleep, and proper nutrition.  Unlike traditional alcohol rehab, our Holistic Alcohol Rehab not only addresses these three critical issues, the program takes each individual client into consideration as a “whole” person and treats their body, mind, and spirit.  The Holistic Alcohol Rehab approach practices therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and relaxation for those that are derived from Eastern cultures.

You will quickly learn that our practitioners are highly skilled at these techniques and therapies as well as other Holistic therapeutic practices – martial arts and yoga exercises included.  The integration of the body, mind, and spirit creates a synergistically whole human being in the process by enabling them to contact their inner powers to overcome their addiction.  The therapies administered in a Holistic Alcohol Rehab program enable the client to overcome their addictions so that they remain clean and sober long after treatment and recovery.  They are able to continue their lives productively and successfully for years to come.

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