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The Christian Faith Path is our faith-based program coupled with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Inventory and Self-Discovery program tothe christian faith path help you toward a successful recovery. We also incorporate guided Bible studies, scripture sermons, and lectures by ordained ministers and pastors, candle-lit reflection and prayer sessions, a Christian 12-step program, church services and pastoral counseling. All of these various therapies are combined to provide the best chances for a successful recovery.

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Our counselors are from a variety of different backgrounds and some are addicts that have found their own way to a successful future and recovery; while others found their way through The Christian Faith Path. The program encourages individuality and finding your own path to recovery. We are here to help guide you and teach you about your addiction and the negative effects that it has had on your life.

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Our various therapy choices and counselors provide a support system and the help that you need to make your journey a successful one and to help you find a life free from the restraints of drugs and alcohol while on The Christian Faith Path.

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