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Christian drug rehab is a style that focuses on mind, body and spirit through faith-based rehabilitation and counseling.  Healing the “whole” person, generally involves Christian drug rehab programs that offer bible study, sermons from ordained ministers, group faith-based counseling sessions, and Christian 12-step programs.

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Some Christian drug rehabs offer acupuncture, neurofeedback exercises, and other mind and body exercise to heal the individuals suffering from addiction through a holistic approach. This approach seeks to heal the whole person through healing the body, mind, and spirit.  Recovery becomes much more realistic and lasting when the individual learns better nutrition, more effective coping skills, and reconnects with their spirituality.  Our goal is to restore the person’s desire to live a clean and sober lifestyle and help them gain the empowerment needed to make it happen.

The traditional 12-step program is still a large part of Christian drug rehab treatment, though tradition drug rehab does not define a Higher Power.  Christian drug rehab leaves it to each individual to define what his or her God will be and submit to that Christian power.  Christian drug rehab has been favored by believers or people who show interest in Christian beliefs, over the years.

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Find Christian drug rehab services and provide the individual with the opportunity to reconnect with their God as they become sober and successful in their new life. For more information or to find Christian Drug Rehab programs, call today.

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