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Christian Drug Rehabilitation For the drug addict who has the need for a more faith-based type of treatment and recovery program, our facility has designed and developed Christian drug rehabilitation.  This is a program that caters to the client who has more specific needs than those that can be met at the standard treatment and recovery facilities.  Standard facilities feel that if the addict does not accept their techniques and therapies, then they have little or no hope of recovering from their addiction.

About Christian Drug Rehabilitation

Christian drug rehabilitation realizes that most standard treatment and recovery programs do not offer the client what they require in order to enhance and fulfill their spiritual needs.  They wish to explore their faith more deeply, strengthening themselves as they go by supplementing the recovery process with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

For these reasons, our Christian drug rehab is founded on the following six key elements in order to get the addict to walk their spiritual paths as they recover:

  • Candle-lit prayer and reflection sessions
  • Faith-based or Christian 12-Step programs
  • Guided scripture lessons and bible studies
  • Lectures and sermons conducted by ministers and/or pastors
  • Ministerial or Pastoral counseling
  • Regular church services

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All of these aspects of Christian drug rehab play an integral role for the client who is seeking to explore their beliefs more deeply while strengthening their faith as they go, therefore, enabling them to be walking their desired spiritual path as they journey through their selected treatment and recovery program.  Additionally, our counselors at Christian drug rehabilitation come from a variety of beliefs and faiths so that every client’s spiritual needs can be met.

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