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Christian Drug Rehab ProgramA Christian drug rehab program is offered at many different facilities. We realize that drug addiction is not gender, race or creed specific and that it affects individuals from all walks of life and their families as well, no matter where they live in the world.  Today, there are numerous individuals suffering from these addictions who need so much more than what the standard treatment and recovery facilities have to offer.  They need a different kind of environment that doesn’t have the appearance of a clinic or a hospital.  More importantly, there are those addicts that have strayed away from their spiritual paths because of their addictions.

About A Christian Drug Rehab Program

Our Christian drug rehabilitation program takes into consideration these specific needs of our clients, enabling them to relocate the spiritual path they stepped away from so that they can again explore and strengthen their particular faith while recovering.  We provide the client with the recovery tools necessary to enable their success and stay clean and sober the rest of their lives after a Christian drug rehab program.

The Christian drug rehab program contains three specific paths or “tracks” which compliment the particular cognitive therapy the client is undergoing.

These include:

  • A Christian-based drug rehab
  • Cognitive/Holistic therapies
  • Self-Help Programs

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Being able to compliment the client’s treatment and recovery with the teachings of Jesus Christ enhance the process as they are able to explore and strengthen their faith, therefore traveling their desired spiritual paths in the process.  Additionally, we have counselors of all faiths, be they Buddhists, Christians or otherwise.  In this way, they will truly realize their full potential so that they can continue to lead fruitful and productive lives after recovery.  Call Stop Your Addiction toll-free today and ask for more information about our drug rehab program.

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