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Christian Addiction TreatmentThroughout the history of drug addiction, there have been numerous advancements and innovations which enable a more successful treatment and recovery process for the client, and Christian addiction treatment is one of those.  Unfortunately, up until recently, most of the standard facilities have failed to address these specific needs of the suffering client.

Christian addiction treatment was designed and developed to cater to the client who has a need to enhance and supplement their treatment and recovery with the teachings and writings of Jesus Christ.  This enables them to walk the spiritual path of their choice as they heal and draw strength from their religious convictions.

About Christian Addiction Treatment

Our Christian drug rehabilitation program is based on six critical elements which enable the client to have a successful journey to recovery while at the same time exploring and strengthening their faith:

  • Faith-based Christian drug rehab program
  • Sermons and lectures led by ministers or pastors
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Bible studies and scriptural instruction
  • Candle-lit prayer and reflection
  • Regularly scheduled Church services

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Our faith-based drug rehabs program caters to the addict who wants to walk their personal spiritual paths by complementing their treatment and recovery with Christ’s lessons for life.  We have found that this enables the recovering addict to leave and pursue the type of lifestyle and successes that addiction has robbed them of.

When an addict is able to walk their spiritual paths without fear of recrimination, while at the same time, is able to satisfy the cravings of their deep-seeded spiritual needs, lasting recovery will be more of a possibility.  Additionally, Christian addiction treatment allows the individual to freely explore their beliefs and faith more deeply at the same time.

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