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Catholic drug treatment is here to help you with your addiction.  We understand that many individuals who suffer from drug Catholic Drug Treatment addiction need something more than the standard treatment and recovery facility in a clinical atmosphere.  They need more than just a program that treats the physical, mental and emotional aspects of drug addiction.  With some addicted individuals, they need to be allowed to draw support from their religious beliefs during treatment.  The Catholic drug treatment program has been geared towards the client who wishes to continue exploring his or her Catholic beliefs and strengthen his or her faith in the process.

About Catholic Drug Treatment

We have designed a faith-based program for nearly every spiritual need that a client may have.  The counseling staff involved in our faith-based programs comes from a variety of denominations and faiths.  Those in our Catholic drug treatment program are well-versed in the faith, enabling the client to explore his or her faith and compliment their spiritual walk with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  In this way, they are able to stay clean and sober after recovering from their addiction and maintain that lifestyle for many years to come.

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We offer the client additional services to enhance both their recovery and their spiritual walks such as Bible studies, church services, lectures, pastoral counseling, and sermons.  Additionally, our Inventory and Self-Discovery part of the Catholic addiction treatment program enables our clients to discover and discard those things in their lives that have blocked them from continuing on their spiritual walk.  By removing the years of guilt, remorse and shame caused by the addiction, they are able to fully recover and lead productive lives in the process with the help from Catholic drug treatment.

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