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Catholic Drug RehabCatholic drug rehab is available for those of the Catholic faith who are suffering with addiction. The majority of the drug rehab programs today focus on treating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the individual’s addiction; however, with some individuals, what is most important is that they need to develop their spiritual nature so that those three aspects can be effectively treated, therefore enhancing the recovery process as well.  Where spiritual matters are concerned, the client needs to be able to walk their individual spiritual paths and follow their beliefs.  In Catholic drug rehabilitation the individual will be able to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually and this will help ensure a lasting recovery.

About Catholic Drug Rehab

Catholic drug rehab programs enable the client who is struggling with their addiction to explore their faith on a deeper level while strengthening it at the same time.  We realize that most traditional treatment and recovery programs cannot fill the client’s spiritual needs and they often claim that if the client is not willing to accept their belief system and programs, then there is little or no hope for successful treatment and recovery.

Some Christian or Faith-Based treatment and recovery programs merely touch the surface of a person’s spiritual needs.  However, the Catholic drug rehab program at allows the client to get in touch with their Catholic core values, therefore enabling them to walk their true spiritual paths.  With this program, they are able to enhance their recovery with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Additionally, the counselors employed in our Catholic drug rehabilitation are of the faith so that the client can discuss spiritual issues with a person that follows the same belief system as they do.  Some of these counselors have even dealt with treatment for substance abuse and recovery from their own addictions or are currently recovering themselves.  Catholic drug rehab can provide the recovering client with the spiritual needs they require.

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