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Faith Based Drug RehabAt our facility, we have provided faith based drug rehab that allows our clients to seek their own spiritual paths without being forced to adhere to beliefs that are not truly their own.  We respect the rights and beliefs of our clients and understand that the spiritual journey can be the most important part of anyone’s program of addiction and substance abuse recovery.

About Faith Based Drug Rehab

In order to accomplish this, we have designated three “tracks” or paths that are used to compliment the cognitive therapy that the client receives: Faith Based Drug Rehab, Self Help and Cognitive/Holistic.

If you have been looking for a Christian drug rehab, then our Faith Based Drug Rehab Track is right for you. The faith-based drug treatment track allows the client, who is either a believer or has an interest in the teachings of Jesus Christ, to strengthen their faith. Exploring and strengthening one’s Christian faith allows the client to maintain their recovery after treatment.

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world- our faith. Who is the one who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. (1 John5:4-5)

We have a series of elements of our faith based drug rehab track that can provide Christians this enhancement to their recovery program.

These elements include:

  • Guided Bible Study and Scripture
  • Sermons and Lectures by ordained ministers and pastors
  • Candlelit reflection and prayer sessions
  • Christian 12-Step Program
  • Church Services
  • Pastoral Counseling

Coupled with the intensive Inventory and Self-Discovery piece of our program, a client can uncover, discover and discard those things in their life which are blocking them off from the sunlight of the Spirit. Removing years of guilt, shame and remorse can reveal the person that they truly are and allow them to continue their life afterwards, clean and sober.

We, feel that in giving the client to right to choose these spiritual enhancements to their program actually empowers the client and makes their recovery truly their own.  Unfortunately, many conventional treatment centers tell clients that “if they don’t accept their particular brand of recovery they probably won’t stay sober.”  Our goal is to help the client discover their own recovery tools that will work for best them, and our faith based track is an effective enhancement to the Christian looking for recovery through Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Our Drug Treatment Counselors

In order to create such a successful approach to recovery, we have a large variety of counselors from many different modalities of recovery available.  Some of our counselors have worked in 12-step programs, others have worked in faith based drug rehab centers.  Others have gotten sober themselves through cognitive programs, while others practice their own brand of spirituality.  With a staff of Christians, Buddhists, Spiritual Teachers, and even atheists, we feel that we can help those of our clients to find their own way to recovery with the help from our faith based drug rehab.

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