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Cognitive treatment is some of the best treatment that an addict can receive while undergoing recovery from addiction. Addiction and abuse take over a person’s life and can destroy everything about their life they knew and loved before the drugs and alcohol took over. Our program has clients from all walks of life. Our licensed and professional staff have put together a treatment program that accommodates the beliefs and faith of many, if not all, of our clients. We encourage our clients to find their own spiritual path while on their journey to recovery.

Cognitive Treatment and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive TreatmentTo help our clients recover, we provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that is complimented by five spiritual tracks that they can choose from. We offer a variety of options so as not to force anyone down a certain path of our choosing. This allows our clients to make their recovery a personal experience and empowers them to take control of their recovery.

Our cognitive therapy track uses intensive Inventory and Self-Discovery to help the addict learn about their addiction and the journey that brought them to this point. They learn the choices that they made and what the effects of those choices were. This teaches them how to change their behaviors and choices to avoid ending up in the same place again. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches the client how to deal with addiction and the feelings, emotions, and chaos that is left behind after the drugs are no longer there to cover it all up.

The cognitive treatment utilizes programs and lectures from recovering addicts, alcoholics, and counselors. Our counselors greatly encourage personal empowerment and taking control of your own recovery. They use CBT to teach and guide you through the journey of recovery.

Finding Cognitive Rehabilitation

we respect our client’s rights to make their own choices and choose their own path. We do not believe in pushing anyone into choices or down certain paths that may not be right for them. Our counselors and staff are here to provide support and guidance during the recovery treatment programs to help ensure a successful recovery after cognitive treatment.

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