Success Story: Jayson from New Jersey

December 25, 2012

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Lessons You Learn During Drug Rehabilitation

Success Story

Jayson graduated from AFR in July and this is his success story. I sat down with Jayson discuss his recovery and his experience at AFR.

How is different from all of the other facilities that you’ve been to?

This was my ninth rehab. I entered my first when I was 18. I’m 32 today, and has been my last. Treatment at was so much different from the 12-step program at other rehabs. I learned so much that I didn’t know before, and it was a completely new experience from the eight inpatient rehabs I had entered.

Why did work for you?

One of the last drug runs I went on before entering was pretty bad, so I was ready to get clean. When I got to the center, I told myself to keep an open mind and remain willing to get better, which was really important. The MRT class was a huge help for me as well, because it taught me a great deal about my addiction and how I needed to think about recovery.

What was the relationship like between the staff and the patients?

The staff was excellent. My MRT facilitator would always take extra time to sit down and talk with me. My one-on-one counselor was available throughout the week. I was able to attend as much counseling as I needed. The staff was real and always had time for me. They really cared about the patients and would take time to address our individual needs.

How do you feel now that you are sober?

I have been sober for six months, and the feeling is really indescribable. To wake up in the morning and not be sickSuccess Stories from drugs, to enjoy my serenity and clear thinking, to have my family back in my life and be open and honest with them, and to not have to lie, steal and manipulate people to get drugs — it’s a remarkable feeling. I still have my ups and downs with every day, but it feels so much better to put my head down at night and feel the peace of not worrying about where I am going to get my next drugs. The difference is enormous.

I still live in Michigan to this day, and I’m staying away from New Jersey, so that has helped me a lot. I also have a great deal of structure and accountability. I have random drug testing here with the other guys that I live with, for example, and that has been a huge help for me.

Would you recommend Best Drug Rehabilitation to other people

Yes — I definitely would. I have already recommended to a couple of people, and I tell them about my experience. I tell them that so far, with God’s help, this is the best I have ever done in recovery.

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