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A substance abuse rehabilitation program is a series of services intended to help a person recover from a drug addiction. A drug addiction is a physical and mental dependence on a certain substance. Examples of substances that people can become addicted to are prescription medications, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, LSD, and crank. As the users take more and more of these items, their bodies become dependent on them for normalcy. This effect is due to a tolerance that the user has built up from repeated use. An addiction rehabilitation program provides comfort, stability, and strategies designed to change the individual’s lifestyle back to normal.

Do You Need a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program?

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation ProgramOne of the services that is provided in a substance abuse rehabilitation program is counseling. Counseling helps the client get over the mental aspect of the addiction. Addiction is approximately forty percent physical and sixty percent mental. One needs to seek psychological treatment in addition to physical withdrawal from the drug to obtain the highest possibility of success. Psychological treatment may include individual counseling or group therapy. Group therapy is a special program in which the client attends meetings with a counselor and peers who are going through the same thing. In these sessions, everyone discusses the best possible treatment methods, and they share experiences with each other.

Detoxification is another service that a substance abuse treatment program provides. The abuser must first allow all toxins to leave the body. This process requires a private setting for a period specific to the individual, his or her drug of choice, and his or her body. Detoxification can take anywhere from seventy-two hours to ten days.

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Inpatient treatment centers are the best places to go for people who have long-term addictions. Our substance abuse rehabilitation program will give the individual a home away from home where he or she can receive a combination of the above stated services.

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