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Substance abuse recovery begins when you agree to stop using drugs or alcohol. Once you have made that decision, you need to enroll in a substance abuse treatment program. If you enter an inpatient substance abuse recovery clinic or center, you can learn to stay off drugs. It is actually a learning process that can be very painful like many other things in life that require programming your brain to learn. At an inpatient recovery rehab facility you can interact with other individuals learning about recovering from substance addiction.

Substance Abuse Recovery Done Professionally

Substance Abuse RecoveryPart of your substance abuse recovery rehabilitation will be learning that your behavior while under the influence of drugs was caused by those drugs distorting your mental processes. Your behaviors were based on getting, using, and continuing to use the drugs. The drugs had an effect on your brain. The brain was shocked to reprogram its natural impulse reactions to being put on emergency behavior. The mind interprets the drug’s control of the brain as necessary.

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Part of learning how to live without drugs and be successful at addiction recovery is giving your mind time to deal with the fact that the brain is not dependent on the drugs for survival and can return to a pre-drug time in its existence. You need the assurance and support of the trained personnel at a drug rehabilitation facility, because on your own you will not usually be able to cope with the pressures of daily existence without receiving the education you get at a drug treatment facility.

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