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Effects of substance abuse affect every part of a person’s body, mind, and life. Using drugs can result in a wide range of physical effects. Cocaine for example can produce effects such as depression, anxiety, and fatigue.  Marijuana and alcohol affect motor control and reasoning and can result in automobile accidents or other physical accidents.  Many marijuana users also experience flashbacks even weeks or months after use.  Using heroin can result in nausea, vomiting, convulsions, delirium and muscle cramps.  With many drugs, the effects of substance abuse are apparent when needles are shared resulting in HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

Do You Know the Effects of Substance Abuse?

Effects of Substance AbuseThe effects of substance abuse are also evident in the workplace and at home.  Drug cravings affect the person’s mood and performance, and can have negative effects on all areas of the individual’s life.  Pregnant women have a higher rate of low low birth-weight infants.  Additionally, risks to a fetus occur when the drug crosses the placenta and causes the infant to go through withdrawals soon after birth.

Substance abuse effects in the workplace can become costly.  This happens when the individual misses work or is inefficient in performing their tasks.  These individuals are also more prone to accidents that put others in danger of physical harm that can cost the company money.

The effects of addiction on society are staggering.  In the US alone, billions of dollars are spent yearly on health care, treatment, legal fees, and law enforcement due to the drug-related crime and illnesses.

Showing the Signs of Addiction or Drug Abuse

Other effects of substance abuse are evident when neighborhoods are disrupted with violence such as threats to residents from drug dealers or crimes committed by the addicts themselves.  The biggest danger to society occurs in neighborhoods where dealers recruit young kids to be helpers or lookouts, bringing guns into an otherwise quite, safe area.

The worst effects of drug abuse is for the addict to become homeless or die all alone somewhere. Many city alleyways are filled with addicted people who are suffering needlessly from drugs.

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