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Drug and Alcohol RehabilitationAddiction to drugs and alcohol can be a life threatening situation for some people, so it is important that they get drug and alcohol rehabilitation right away. In cases where the user has been addicted to the substance for a long period of time, stopping abruptly may invoke harsh adverse physical reactions which may include nausea, vomiting, muscle pains, stomach cramps, headaches, irritability, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. More serious withdrawal symptoms may include convulsions, delirium, and dehydration. In those cases it may be best for the individual to seek help at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Sometimes the fight can not be won alone and a solution must be found that combines counseling, supervision and education.

About Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is an institution that uses a three tier method of assisting its patients. During the first sector of treatment, the patient is put into a detoxifying program to work the substance out of the body. Most drugs can be worked out of the body within a week. Treatment may include a variety of techniques that help to ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

Once the individual is detoxified, the next step involves administering counseling services. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation program may have group counseling or one-on-one therapy with a licensed counselor. With group therapy the patients will be able to share their stories and information with other people who are struggling with the same issues. Individual therapy is geared more toward people who would rather be discreet about their addictions.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment allows the patients freedom to go about their normal lives and come back on certain days of the week for treatment. Inpatient treatment requires admission into a facility and is mostly used for long-term addicts. The rate of success with outpatient treatment is much lower than inpatient treatment because of the temptations that lie in the outside world.

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