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Choosing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic can be a huge decision. Not every rehab center is created equal, and many people don’t know exactly how to choose one that’s best for them. Each center will have its own unique set of programs, staff, qualifications, credentials, effectiveness, and cost. Your best bet is to call around to different centers with a checklist of questions you want to ask – and most importantly, make sure that you get every question answered clearly. Also make sure that the center you choose has the credentials and accreditation that are important to you. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) certification means that the center has met the national standards necessary for providing high-quality care. Each state will likely have its own set of licensing as well.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation ClinicTrained health professionals should be on staff to help you through your drug addiction. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic should treat dependency like a disease, and each client should be diagnosed and prescribed appropriate, effective treatment. Plus, there should be a variety of program options, from long and short stay options. Different types of treatment will cost different amounts, too, so be sure to price the types of personalized treatment you’ll be receiving.

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Inpatient addiction treatment centers should have services that are provided by licensed rehabs. On site medical care means that staff will be around and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor clients. Clients will be in a safe environment and closely watched when going through drug and alcohol withdrawal. Plus, professionals will watch your personalized treatment plan and make adjustments when necessary.

Don’t get overwhelmed when choosing the drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic that’s right for you; research your options and choose the one that you feel fits best.

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