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Drug and alcohol detox are programs that have been proven to work when it comes to helping addicts overcome their addiction. The thing that makes drug and alcohol detoxification so powerful are the different stages inside of this stage of addiction recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Detox At Its Best

Drug and Alcohol DetoxThe first stage in drug and alcohol detox is when the addict quits using the drugs and alcohol cold turkey. This is a difficult time for someone who is used to using these products several times a day and in most case,s the addict will have a hard time committing to quitting for good. Remaining in the drug and alcohol detoxification program is the only way to completely overcome any addiction that is present.

The second stage is when the addict begins to go through withdrawal. This is a difficult stage for all addicts, but with modern non-addictive medications and other treatments, this stage is made much simpler for an addict to make it through. Some very common withdrawal side-effects include migraines, increased blood pressure, fever, cold sweats, and muscle pains. After a few days, the withdrawal effects come to a minimal level and eventually completely subside.

The last stage in drug and alcohol detox is graduation. The addict will continue his or her treatment in drug and alcohol treatment, but they will graduate into these programs once they are 100% ready to do so. No individual achieves recovery in the same pace as another, therefore these stages can last longer for some people and less for others.

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