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Drugs and alcohol are addictive substances that are used by millions of people across the globe daily. These substances affect the mind, body, and character of a person within minutes of use, and over time, they can have a negative effect on the person’s well being. Alcohol and drug abuse has been around for thousands of years, and even though then drugs were more like coca leaves and other natural plants that affect the mind, and alcohol was homemade wine, the problems still took hold of the individuals’ minds and bodies.

Drugs and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination When Abused

Drugs and AlcoholDrugs and alcohol today are slowly becoming legal because of the misuse that people still choose to do, regardless of their legality and their harmful side effects. What thousands of drug and alcohol users do not understand or do not care to understand are how these substances affect them in the long run.

The effects of addiction to a person’s body are the first noticeable side effects. Weakening of the muscles, rotting teeth, unhealthy looking skin, aged skin, sickly weight loss or excessive weight gain, and frail hair are easy indicators of drug and alcohol problems.

While these side effects show the rest of the world that the person has a drug and alcohol problem, the internal side effects are what will slowly kill the individual. Organ failure (kidney, liver, and heat mainly), organ cancer, blood poisoning, blood borne diseases (HIV/AIDS), brain damage that can never be reversed, and actual mental failure are common side effects for someone who regularly uses drugs and alcohol.

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The side effects of drugs and alcohol use are enough to deter a person from using drugs, but for an addict these side effects mean nothing. The addict will continue to use until his or her body and mind are no longer functioning. If your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, contact a professional addiction treatment, or drug and alcohol rehab center today.

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