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Drug abuse has been around since the beginning of time according to recorded history and statistics on drug abuse; this statement holds true.

A Few Statistics on Drug Abuse

Statistics on Drug AbuseThe use of drugs dates back to early Egyptian times and has continued down through the centuries. In more recent years drug abuse has slowly, but surely, become a major concern. In the 1960’s drugs such as marijuana, hallucinogens, and cocaine played a major role in popular culture. In 1985 the slogan “Just Say No” began the ‘War on Drugs’ in an attempt to warn children of the dangers associated with recreational drug use. By the 1990’s education and drug awareness programs noted a visible decline in illicit drug abuse among young people. However, by early 2000 prescription drug abuse quietly emerged, and a new form of drug abuse began to manifest.

Nearly fifty percent of all Americans have admitted using illicit drugs at least once by the age of twelve. For reasons that are hard to pinpoint, many never discontinued their repetitive and excessive use of drugs and subsequently were drawn into addiction. Understanding drug abuse is complicated and appropriately referred to as the science of drug abuse. Mass studies track and base their findings on such things including environment, education, trends, genetics, life patterns, individual development, and predisposition combined with the drug of choice, race, gender, and age. Statistics on drug abuse have shown that adults who engaged in alcohol use by fourteen or younger were five times more likely to have abusive tendencies, more so than adults who waited until they were twenty one or older.

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Statistics on drug abuse also concluded in 2000 that almost half of the patients admitted into hospital emergency rooms were due to drug overdoses. It is confirmed that illegal and prescription drug abuse causes substantial changes in behavior and perception causing people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. In the majority of cases, drug abuse has been reported to be directly related to the majority of robberies, property damage, and domestic violence.

Based on information and statistics on drug abuse in 2010, an estimated 22.1 million individuals were identified as dependent on drugs or had abused drugs in the past year.

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