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Drug abuse symptoms can vary in adolescents, and as a parent you should always be aware of the signs of drug use. Some parents are always worried about the possibility of their children using drugs. Other parents are sure that their children would never use drugs. The truth is that all teenagers are susceptible to the devastating problems of drug abuse.

Drug Abuse Symptoms and Signs of Addiction

Drug Abuse SymptomsIn a recent study, it is estimated that forty percent of ninth through twelfth graders had tried marijuana. Nine percent of teenagers have tried hard drugs, and thirty percent said that they have tried alcohol before age thirteen. These are frightening statistics, and parents should be aware of drug use and abuse in their children. Symptoms can be mixed, and may vary between drugs. Sniffing glue and other aerosols, as well as illegal use of prescription drugs, are also a concern. These substances will produce different symptoms depending on what substance is being used.

Look for a child’s change in friends and drop in grades as the first sign of drug abuse. Some adolescents may become depressed, anxious, and may stop caring about their appearance. They may start dressing different, have red eyes, or act strange. Drug abuse symptoms come in many forms, so parents should always be in tune with the actions of their children. Our clinic recommends that you know where your children are, what they are doing, and who their friends are. Because children are so susceptible to the effects of drugs, treatment should begin at the first sign of drug abuse.

Speak With a Counselor About Symptoms

Our inpatient treatment center has plans especially for adolescents that can help them become drug free and ready for a bright future. If you suspect your teen may be involved in drugs, act fast. Call our clinic and find out how we have helped many teens become drug free. When they become a client of ours, they learn how to cope in the world without substance abuse. Drug abuse in teens is a serious problem; call at the first sign of abuse and make sure your teen has a lifetime of success, drug free and happy. Be aware of drug abuse symptoms and get the help your teen needs.

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