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Drug abuse is often referred to as substance abuse and has a wide range of definitions associated with it. Most commonly, drug abuse referrers to the use of drugs, including “legalprescription drugs, alcohol and any other substances used by any means other than their intended purposes. If this is the case, then you or a loved one will need to seriously consider a drug abuse rehab for help.

Drug Abuse RehabThe intent of the user is to alter reality in order to experience a sensation of “high“. Drug abuse can also be used to describe athletes using performance enhancing substances, or people taking more of a prescription drug than prescribed or taking a prescription when it is not needed. Drug abuse can also be used to describe the use of all illegal drugs. Drug abuse is also the use of drugs regardless of the physical, mental, economical and social repercussions that result due to the drug use. You can abuse drugs without being addicted to drugs, however most continued drug abuse leads to drug addiction.

How to Choose a Drug Abuse Rehab Program

A drug abuse rehab program helps an individual face their drug abuse and drug addiction, learn how to put back together the pieces of their lives and continue to live a drug-free life.

What Do Family Members Need to Know About Drug Abuse Rehab?

It is tough standing by and watching a family member destroy their life due to drug abuse. Often, the addict fails to see how their actions have impacted others and affected the family. Family members’ support is also important in the recovery of an addict.

How Do Centers Differ?

Centers for substance abuse treatment differ in many ways. Just as every individual is different, so is their drug addictions. Just as each individual is different, each drug abuse treatment center or program is different. Drug and alcohol treatment centers offer a wide variety of treatment options for each individual based on a variety of individual factors. Each treatment plan is tailored to fit the individual suffering from an addiction. For example, the treatment for a long-term alcoholic will be different than that of an individual who is addicted to heroin or meth.

Drug abuse rehab centers and programs may include inpatient hospitalization, residential treatment, outpatient treatment and short stay options. While the actual addiction recovery process is fairly predictable, each individual willDrug Abuse Rehabilitation experience his or her own uniquely personal journey to recovery. Trained professionals will be needed to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for the individual.

Every substance abuse treatment facility will offer significantly different programs and addiction treatment options.  Each center will have its own philosophy regarding addiction and drug abuse rehab; each will vary according to the staff skills, qualifications and cost, and each center will have many different treatment options to choose from.  The process of selecting a good substance abuse treatment center can be very overwhelming and confusing.  Many people do not know exactly what to look for in a substance abuse treatment center and may have more questions than they do answers.

Prepare a list of questions to ask and call a number of different drug abuse rehabilitation centers in your area before making a final decision.

A sample of the types of questions you may want to ask include the following:

  • What is your philosophy on addiction?
  • What types of drug treatment programs are available at your facility?
  • What are the credentials for staff and administrators?
  • How does your treatment center differ from other centers?
  • How much will my recovery cost?
  • Do people starting your program come off their substance cold turkey?
  • What happens after withdrawal and detoxification?
  • How long will it take me to complete the program?
  • What is the degree of family involvement in your program?
  • How is the transition back into mainstream society structured?
  • What is your success rate?
  • Are you accredited?
  • What types of continuing care or aftercare programs do you offer?

Choosing a drug abuse rehab center is a very important decision.  Not only are you selecting a center to help you deal with your addiction, but also you are taking your first step on your road to recovery — the first step to a better way of life.  Just be sure to keep in mind that your recovery will not happen overnight — any addiction, be it alcoholism or drugs or some other form of addiction, will take time.  Recovery is an ongoing process and each aspect of your life that is/has been touched by your addiction must be continuously addressed during this recovery process.

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