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Drug abuse in schools, more accurately for discussion and informational purposes should actually be queried, “What is the impact of drug abuse in our schools?” It is, sadly, no longer atypical or shocking to realize that many children, even at the late elementary grade levels, are experimenting with adult used and abused drugs, whether it be an illegal, illicit street-drug or over-the-counter, and prescribed medication. Surveys and government conducted research studies are contending crystal methamphetamine is used by up to 15% of high school students. Like any other study, no one knows just how accurate that number is, because of the illegality and secrecy of the drug’s facets: the buy which is illegal, the substance which is illegal, the underage issue which is of course, illegal, and all three which are grounds for criminal consequences.

Finding Drug Abuse In Schools

Drug Abuse In SchoolsDrug abuse in schools can begin for elementary school students able to effortlessly find ordinary household items in their homes and abuse their offerings for a high: huffing, (aerosol can inhalation) ingesting cold and cough syrup, getting high off White Out, Dry Erase markers, air fresheners by inhaling fumes they give off, vanilla extract, (alcohol base) chewing nutmeg, (also called “poor man’s LSD“), and of course, offerings from older children of pot and alcohol.

During post-formative years, children are vulnerable to persuasive ideas, especially from older peers. They are still finding out who they are and what their world means; quite quickly they can fall prey to an easy answer. Several government and state agencies have put the word out on the fight against drugs to schools with special programs run by local police, fire fighters, and non-profit funded organizations. The fight is still on against drug abuse in schools.

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Rehabs throughout the country are doing their part in admitting and treating addicts with a variety of strategies, becoming experts in the subject of addiction, and number one pandemic, if not epidemic problem. They take drug abuse in schools extremely seriously, as today’s ten-year-old is tomorrow’s 21-year-old.

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