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The definition of drug abuse is the habitual use of a legal or illegal substance to alter or affect one’s mood, emotions, or state of consciousness. One reason why people get deeper into the cycle of addiction, rather than facing their desperate need for help, is because they refuse to accept this text book definition as a reality in their life.

Definition of Drug Abuse and Effects

Definition of Drug AbuseHabitually using an illegal or legal substance for the effect of altering one’s mood, or to alter the state of consciousness is expressing a desperate internal cry for help. This pattern of living leads to a craving in the physical body that demands the substance and that can lead to greater bondage. It may ultimately lead to lost relationships, careers, hopes, and dreams. This is where our inpatient detoxification clinic can be of great assistance. We provide compassionate care for individuals facing addiction, and we offer restoration of hopes and dreams. Drug abuse can lead to many negative outcomes including organ damage, disturbed patterns of behaviors, unstable emotions, rage, and addiction.

Detoxification is a necessary part of obtaining freedom. This process can include physical symptoms and discomforts. These symptoms can include cramping, vomiting, muscle aches, and general discomfort. Most individuals are unsuccessful in accomplishing a detoxification without professional supervision and assistance. Our caring staff offers compassionate care to individuals going through the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of detoxification. We assist clients in the acceptance of the definition of drug abuse.

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In the secluded privacy of our facility, clients are provided with separation from temptations and from the eyes of others. This is a private, anonymous facility that protects the names of our clients. We provide the perfect environment for freedom. Obtaining a fresh start and overcoming the physical and emotional addiction to drugs is accomplished through individualized plans. Each story is unique and each client receives a uniquely designed plan for success, which includes immediate and progressive detoxification, counseling, and an aftercare plan for maintenance.

To begin the process of a new start on life, the definition of drug abuse must be accepted by those trapped in addiction.

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