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The actual causes of drug abuse follow the same pattern. Heroin was popular in the early 1990’s, especially with college-aged kids. Teens snorted it because they thought that they couldn’t become addicted that way. A few got addicted to heroin, but most stopped.

Some Common Causes of Drug Abuse

Causes of Drug AbuseTwo-thirds of the adults in America drink. When they started off as teenagers, they did heavy experimentation with drinking, including binge drinking. But when these teenagers reached adulthood, only a few of them were left with a longstanding drinking problem.

This is the pattern for all substance abuse. The causes of drug addiction still remain a mystery.

The environment can facilitate drinking and drug use, which implies that learned behavior is an important process. A “good time” is defined by the presence of alcohol and drugs.

But then, there are “good” people who become drug addicts, and there are “bad” people who become teetotalers. So this would put addiction back within the genetic-predisposition camp.

The statistics on drug and alcohol abuse are as follows:

Children of alcoholics and drug addicts have a one-in-four chance of abusing substances themselves. This means that, if 100 people abused substances, 25 of them would continue to have a substance problem, while the remaining 75 people would not.

Speak With a Counselor About Substance Abuse Treatment

Even with all of our statistics and research, addiction professionals still do not know the exact causes of drug abuse; but they do know that the causes of drug abuse lie in both heredity and environment. This is why in drug rehab, recovering addicts learn about the potential dangers of their drug, in addition to learning how to function without substances.

The causes of substance abuse are probably two-fold, heredity and environment. This is how addiction is viewed in drug rehabilitation treatment; but no matter what the causes of drug abuse, the goal is to function without substances.  Get addiction help today.

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