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Drug abuse, also a form of substance abuse, has a serious impact on individuals, families, and society. Many addictive street substances including amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin are readily available for use and abuse. Performance enhancing drugs, some pharmaceutical prescription medications, and psychoactive drugs also contribute to abuse problems when misused. Steroids, tobacco, and alcohol can also present problems for people who have strong impulses to use drugs.

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Drug AbuseThe initiation of drug abuse often occurs during adolescence with experimentation among teens. Although many teens phase away from drugs before serious problems occur, nearly 50% of high school seniors have experimented with some form of a drug. The abuse of drugs among teens will always be a problem worth watching out for.

Drug abuse damages the body, and depending on the circumstances, the damage can be lasting or permanent. While substance abuse doesn’t always result in addiction and can be the result of experimental or impulsive use, it is the first step to developing a drug abuse and drug addiction dependency.

The facts about drug abuse is numerous problems result and can include social problems, morbidity, unprotected sex, deaths, injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and physical dependence or psychological addiction. With substance abusers, there are increased incidences of suicide and higher rates of domestic violence, rape, child abuse, burglaries, and assaults. Substance abuse causes social isolation and brain chemistry disorders which lead to more serious problems.

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When family members, children or friends become involved with drugs it adversely affects everyone. It’s important to find qualified help for the various difficult situations that arise from substance abuse. Our facility is an inpatient rehabilitation facility with programs for abuse built on trust and professionalism designed to address the problems that accompany substance abuse, and help individuals who have been affected by it.

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