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Alcohol and substance abuse are the most common addictions in our culture today. Many people overlook the fact that they are taking pain pills and still drinking everyday. Alcohol has become such an accepted vice that abusers find it difficult to admit that they are using too much, too often. Then when chemicals are added into the picture, the danger becomes even more severe.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse are Risky

Alcohol and Substance AbuseIn the recovery and therapeutic world, alcohol and drugs are considered an equal risk. A shot of hard liquor is equal to a glass of wine or a marijuana cigarette or a pill. Of course, pharmaceutical prescriptions and street drugs come at different strengths, but considering your alcohol and substance abuse, the frequency that you are taking a chemical or alcohol can be the indicator.

Many people do not recognize their own substance abuse because they have built up such a tolerance for it. What this means for a potential alcoholic or addict is that the substance abuse has increased over time. Compare the usage now to five years ago, or ten. This should give you a clue to gauge your usage.

Another indicator that points towards substance abuse is hiding the alcohol and other substances from the people close to you and/or going to several doctors so that one doctor doesn’t have all the prescriptions. These are manipulative, and they show dishonest behaviors and how much stronger the addiction has become.

If you find yourself lying to those around you in order to find time for substance abuse, this is a red flag. These indicators are signs that behaviors have gotten abusive, but if you choose to find some help in a rehab center for alcohol and substance abuse, you will get support and they will show you how to break the cycle.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction

Addiction and substance abuse is a very serious problem that should be treated promptly.  If you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol and substance abuse, call us today.  Find out how to begin the road to recovery and to a better addiction free life.

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