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With so many drug abuse resources available today, it can be tough to make the right decision when it comes to an individual’s well-being. Many people do not consider rehab centers when they are looking for drug or alcohol treatment options. Inpatient rehab centers offer clinically-based treatment for clients being afflicted by many different forms of addictions. Inpatient treatment centers are traditionally used to describe a place, usually a medical facility, that is used for the purpose of detox. It is also frequently used to treat clients that are abusing drugs or alcohol.

Drug Abuse Resources and Treatment Options

About Drug Abuse - Drug Abuse ResourcesClients usually stay in addiction treatment programs on a full-time basis throughout the treatment, but the length of time that the individual will stay in the facility can vary. A short term visit for a client would consist of five to seven days, with the client receiving the services of detoxification and making sure that the client is physically stable. The average length of stay in these rehab facilities comes out to around 28 days. For a client’s stay to be considered long-term, the stay would have to average between 60 to 90 days in length.

Drug abuse resources vary from type to type, but the general schedule of events with inpatient rehab centers is the same. The first step is called assessment and evaluation. This is where someone in the facility will acquire medical history, medical problems, and also will determine if the client possesses any mental health problems.

Medical Staff

The second step of rehab facilities involves detox. This process is always medically monitored, and can take from three all the way up to 14 days before this phase is completed. The length of the detox process is determined by the substance that has been abused.

Days in the rehab center can include many activities. One of the most healing aspects of treatment in the rehab centers is the therapy sessions. Sometimes these are performed on an individual basis, and sometimes there are group therapy sessions. Clients also exercise in order to feel better about themselves. They also have specific duties and responsibilities that are required that help them to feel a part of the rehab center.

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