Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

There is an extremely important link between nutrition and addiction recovery. The role that proper nutrition plays in addiction recovery is constant. There is not a single moment during the process when nutrition isn’t playing a key role. After successfully completing an inpatient addiction treatment program, many individuals don’t realize how much of a price they’ve paid with their body for addiction. It’s almost impossible to find an addiction treatment center that doesn’t offer health nutrition to their patients.

Proper nutrition is the foundation for every recovering addict. It’s important before, during and after you leave the treatment facility. If you’ve had an addiction for any length of time, your body has had to pay the price for it. What you need to do now is restore your body with healthy eating.

Addiction Depletes the Body of Nutrients

It’s a fact that addiction takes a serious toll on the body. In some cases, it can even lead to death. For example, some chronic meth users suffer a stroke or heart attack. Others might end up losing all of their teeth. The exact type of drug used doesn’t really matter; it will have destructive effects on your body.

An addiction almost always leads to malnourishment. Many alcoholics suffer severe malnutrition because they’re constantly filling their body with empty calories, which creates a false feeling of fullness. Many drug users get so caught up in trying to score their next bag of drugs that they don’t eat anything, which means they’re not getting any nutrients. A number of illicit substances actually hinder the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. An addiction can damage your immune system, liver and other vital organs. It can also greatly increase your risk of developing different types of cancer.

The Crucial Role Of Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

When it comes to nutrition and addiction recovery, nutrition is very important. Healthy eating plays a role at all the major stages in addiction recovery. The first stage of recovery consists of detoxification. This involves an individual getting all active drugs out of their system. During this stage, the individual might also endure withdrawal symptoms. Nutrition is important during this stage because it can restore a lack of nutrients and strengthen the body. A stronger body will be able to handle the detoxification process and withdrawal symptoms far better than a body that is malnourished.

The next step of the recovery process is rehabilitation. During this stage, the individual will learn about addiction and benefit from different therapies offered at an inpatient treatment center. This is also the stage that involves learning about potential psychological problems that might arise in the future. The final stage is when the recovering individual leaves the treatment facility and attempts to stay sober. Healthy nutrition is crucial at every stage. Some would argue that nutrition is so important that it can help to prevent relapse.

Anyone facing a drug or alcohol problem should consider seeking inpatient addiction treatment. It’s one of the only forms of treatment that provides constant supervision, healthy, nutritious meals and structured recovery. It also takes place on site, so you get all of the benefits that come with onsite nutrition and addiction recovery treatment.

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