Underlying Cause Behind Addiction

The only way you can truly solve your problem is to determine the underlying cause behind addiction. How are you supposed to fix a problem that you do not know the cause or source of? For example, health, cars, and relationships — if you do not know exactly what is wrong with each of them, then you cannot fix the problem you are having with them!

The same goes for addiction. You need to determine your underlying causes of substance abuse before you can achieve long-term sobriety and recovery. So, how can you discover your cause? Rehabilitation facilities, or rehabs, can help you in this process in a variety of ways.

What Could Possibly Cause Substance Abuse?

So, what causes substance abuse? Why do people become addicted to or abuse drugs and alcohol? There are many different possible causes of drug and substance abuse, but certain life situations seem to be the most common triggers. Some of these triggers include:

High-stress Levels: Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with stress that they have in their lives. They may also use substances to cope with the stress that they experience due to severe injury or trauma.

Being Surrounded by Addiction: If your mom, dad, grandparent, friend, or any person that you are close with has battled an addiction, you may be more likely to form an addiction of your own. Chances are, you’ve been exposed to substances from a young age.

Negative Personal Life Situations: The loss of a loved one, relationship problems, chronic loneliness, family break-ups, the loss of a job, or any other negative situation that arises in life can result in substance abuse as a way to cope with the problem.

Genetics: If addiction seems to be a common theme in your family, it may have to do with your family’s genetics in addition to the environment you were raised in. Biology can make some people more susceptible to addiction than others.

Can Rehab Help Determine my Underlying Cause Behind Addiction?

Since it may be difficult to determine the underlying cause behind addiction, rehabilitation facilities can help you make this decision. Some people may have the “perfect storm” of a few different causes while other people have a single cause that is extremely prevalent in their life.

Rehabs allow you to reflect on your life while giving you the opportunity to experience new things. Through the many different activities involved in rehab, you will begin to learn a lot about yourself that can help you determine the cause or causes of your addiction. Once the cause or causes have been determined, the rehab facility can then help you take the necessary steps to achieve long-term sobriety and freedom from addiction.

How Can a Holistic Approach Help?

Instead of simply treating the body for its dependence on the drug, rehabilitation facilities allow your entire being to become well again. They help to treat your body, mind, and soul. These three components make up you as an individual. When the body, mind, and soul have reached their full potential, you will be better equipped to fight off temptations in the future.

What Rehab Facility Can I Choose?

Stop Your Addiction is a rehab facility that creates a program suited to your specific needs. Here, they will help you in a holistic manner and approach to providing services for addiction treatment, determining the underlying cause behind addiction, confronting your addiction, counseling, self-discovery, massage therapy, nutrition and fitness, supplemental enhancements, and more.

By making the body, mind, and soul healthier together, you will be able to gain the skills and tools you need to fight your addiction and maintain sobriety once your treatment is over. Call Stop Your Addiction today to get started on your road to sobriety. Recovery is only a phone call away!

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