Benefits of Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Addiction can and will destroy your life. Millions of people in the United States each year have suffered or died from health problems and overdoses directly caused by their addiction, and the family of the addict is equally victimized. Children of addicts are more likely to go through child abuse and family disintegration which has terrible effects on their long-term mental and physical health. It will be extremely difficult to overcome an addiction, but admitting yourself into a drug rehabilitation center and receiving the benefits of inpatient addiction treatment will teach you the skills you need to overcome your addiction and stay substance free, as well as provide you with the healthiest and most medically safe addiction treatment programs you could possibly have.

Benefits of Inpatient Addiction Treatment

  • You are not alone: There will be highly trained counselors and staff there to help you with the physical withdrawal symptoms and also help you mentally to break the habit and teach you skills to maintain your sobriety.
  • Have a healthy withdrawal: Withdrawal is the first phase of the process of healing from your drug addiction. You will experience the symptoms as soon as you begin taking less of the drug than what you normally have been. If you do not have a medical professional regularly checking your vital signs, it is crucial to slowly wean yourself off the drug to prevent life-threatening withdrawal issues, such as permanent breathing or heart damage. One of the benefits of inpatient addiction treatment is your withdrawal symptoms will be closely monitored by skilled specialists to ensure your path to sobriety is the easiest and safest possible, and to prevent most pain and drug withdrawal side effects. However, withdrawal from the substance does not end a drug addiction completely on its own; the patient will soon resort to drugs again if further recovery treatment isn’t sought after, which is already established and provided when going through inpatient treatment.
  • Enjoy a drug-free environment: Inpatient treatment programs normally require the patient to live full time at the treatment facility, for a length of weeks up to six months. This is extremely beneficial and even therapeutic to the patient, as the goal of these live-in facilities is to change the attitudes and decision-making processes they had that encouraged their addictive behavior before. In fact, studies conducted prove that the long-term sobriety success rate was nearly doubled when people used an inpatient rehabilitation facility versus an outpatient one of similar standards.
  • Receive plenty of support: In an inpatient treatment facility you will be around other people who are also healing from their addictions. You will never have to feel alone, isolated, or judged in this environment, which can make the decision to use this as your treatment plan an easy one.
  • Avoid triggering situations while you are healing: Your stay at an inpatient facility will protect you from the triggering people, environments, and situations that made you abuse before, while teaching you how to handle these different situations effectively, ensuring that you stay sober long term.

Make The Best Choice For Recovery

Healing from a drug addiction is crucial to reclaim your life and your health. You have many options to choose from when it comes to treatment, but the benefits of inpatient addiction treatment are unequivocally the best choice to give you the easiest path to sobriety. Becoming a patient at an inpatient rehabilitation center is the only drug treatment option that will give you the great benefits of having an experienced staff monitor your health, a whole community of people going through the same thing as you, and a healthy environment in which to heal.

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