Addiction Recovery Support

Being addicted to a substance is a serious medical condition that impacts an addict, as well as his professional and personal relationships. Overcoming this addiction will require treatment from a professional rehabilitation center, in addition to a strong addiction recovery support team. Going through the recovery process can be difficult, but with a good support system, the odds of relapsing reduce. Remember that anything beneficial to the success of a person’s recovery from substance addiction is worth having.

Addiction By The Numbers

The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that more than 23 million people have reported a substance addiction of some type, and have enrolled into a rehabilitation center to receive the care that they need to break their addiction.

  • 41 % of addicts are admitted into treatment facilities for alcohol addiction
  • 20% of patients are admitted for a heroin or opiate addiction
  • 17% of addicts seek treatment for a marijuana addiction

Having The Necessary Addiction Recovery Support

Having a great addiction recovery support system throughout the treatment process could have a strong impact on the direction that a person’s life takes once they have completed an inpatient treatment program. Knowing that others are supporting helps to boost your loved one’s self-esteem, and gives them the confidence that they need to continue living a substance-free life.

Going through painful situations are the most common reasons why someone begins using alcohol and drugs. While your loved one is in an inpatient treatment center, he will go through therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), which helps him learn how to handle those bad habits whenever a painful or depressing situation should arise. These types of situations trigger an addiction, but cognitive behavioral therapy can help an addict create new habits to use whenever he is going through a tough time.

A good habit could be surrounding oneself with a great support team. Addiction recovery support after rehab is very beneficial. A supportive team could help a recovering addict find positive social things to do, instead of sitting in the house, isolated from the world. Isolation is never a good thing; it almost always leads to depression with recovering addicts – causing a relapse.

Getting Treatment

Even though addiction recovery support is necessary, all addicts will need to go through a rehabilitation center to receive professional care. Do not allow your loved one to self-detox; this option almost always fails. In order to end an addiction successfully, an individual must receive professional treatment. An inpatient treatment center is the best option for anyone struggling with a substance addiction.

A patient receives 24-hour care and monitoring while enrolled in an inpatient treatment center. During this program, the addict will receive help with the withdrawal process, which could be potentially dangerous. Having medical professionals on hand could prevent those dangerous medical issues that the withdrawal process may cause. In addition to medical care, patients are surrounded by therapists and staff members who make the recovery process go smoother.

Substance-Free Lifestyle

Outside support comes in a variety of forms, ranging from an employer, family member, friend, community leader, or organization. Ensuring that your loved one has the addiction recovery support she needs could help her reduce the odds of relapsing. Positive people and encouragement go a long way on the road to becoming substance-free.

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