4 Signs of An Addictive Personality

December 26, 2012

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Addictive Personality

Addictive Personality

Is there such a thing as an addictive personality? The question is thrown about and answered simultaneously as an authoritarian decree and a nebulous theory. Some researchers go looking for the “addiction gene” and others maintain it’s a disease – correctable (or not) through manipulation of brain chemistry.

If you really want to get down to the bare-bones of addiction, start dealing with addicts. Talk to those who have spent decades working with alcoholics and drug addicts and see what they have to say. They are the ones in the trenches, down at street level, handling the raw stuff of life – and death. Addiction is non-discriminatory. It is an equal opportunity enforcer. It affects the rich, the famous, the middle class, the blue-collar, the king and street-sweeper alike. If you dabble in it, it doesn’t care who you are and will do all it can to suck you in.

There are essentially two kinds of drug addictionphysical and mental:

Physical addiction indicates the body “requires” the drug at a cellular level. Without a steady dose – or an increasing dose – the body goes into what we know as “withdrawal,” an extremely unpleasant, painful and often unbearable series of symptoms.

Mental (psychological) addiction is the condition wherein the addict or alcoholic feels overwhelmingly Addictive Personalitycompelled to keep using a drug (or drugs) as an escape, to numb mental anguish, to stay alienated or for any number of reasons. The point is that the user is firmly entrenched in a behavior pattern.

A person can be physically or mentally addicted or both. In this day and age of new drugs continuously pumped out of laboratories, a common scenario is a person simultaneously addicted to multiple mind-altering substances – a daily “cocktail” of psychotropic pills. While is difficult to isolate an addictive personality, there are certain factors often found as common denominators – one or more being present – in drug and alcohol addiction:

  • Environment. Coming from a broken home or an atmosphere of antagonism or violence, easy availability of drugs, association with users, addicts, dealers, the “drug lifestyle” or “counterculture” can all contribute to addiction proneness.
  • Alienation. Feeling cut off or isolated from family or society. In the case of adolescents or teens, this can be in the form of the trials, stress and general havoc associated with growing up.
  • Physical pain or injury. Many start taking a drug out of necessity. They have chronic pain or are prescribed a drug for an injury. An arm broken in a football game can lead to an unintentional painkiller addiction if one is not informed and diligent on the subject.
  • Escape. Life can be painful and will throw all manner of problems at an individual: personal, familial or social. Instead of dealing with difficulties – or simply from lack of know-how – a person turns to drugs as an escape from the realities of life. The problem is that drugs suppress the good feelings as well as the bad, and reality catches up sooner or later.

Whatever mindset you subscribe to, it is clear that the vast majority of addicts and alcoholics – when you ask them point blank – would much rather be free from the shackles of their addictive personality and addictions. A holistic means to accomplish this would be ideal. Fortunately, such a program does exist!

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