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TV AddictionUsing your TV daily does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from a TV addiction. When your casual encounter with the TV turns into a ritual that you cannot live without. When you begin to neglect other parts of your life, then you may be suffering from a TV addiction. This problem has taken hold of hundreds of thousands of people’s lives in the United States, and these people sometimes do not know how to simply turn off the TV. There are ten “do it yourself remedies” that help you if you are suffering from a minimal TV addiction.

Steps to Help With TV Addiction

  • Set limits and keep records to how much TV you are watching
  • Exercise while watching TV to keep you motivated and not entranced by what you are watching
  • Remove the TV from your household until you think you are capable of not using it constantly
  • Watch only one or two shows a day and turn the TV off once you are done with that show
  • Eat meals with the TV off
  • Read something before turning on the TV
  • Consider activities that you can do without the TV involved
  • Do not watch TV if it is a beautiful day out
  • Say no to re-runs, marathons, sequels, and reality shows that will have you glued to the TV for months

These steps are highly effective methods of helping you break your television addiction, but sometimes even these approaches are not enough to get the job done. If this is the case for you or your loved one, seeking professional help today is your best option for a life free from the chains of an addiction to TV.

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