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Having a teeth whitening addiction occurs from the obsessive compulsive behaviors that occur due to the individual’s mental and physical desires with perfecting their physical appearance. The stress to be perfect in our American society is constantly growing, and the teeth whitening craze began several years ago. Yes, it is nice to have a vivid white smile, but this can be achieved with eating the right foods and not drinking or eating products with dyes in them.  Even though using teeth whitening products at home poses no big threat to individuals, once you begin living with a dependency to it, you will go to severe extremes in order to get your teeth as white as possible.

Things such as:

Teeth Whitening Addiction

  • Getting dentist strength teeth whitening’s several times a year,  even once a month
  • They use bleach or baking soda as a way to bleach their teeth when no other means are available
  • All products that promote teeth whitening
  • Using at home whitening products in massive quantities

Teeth Whitening Addiction Side Effects

Teeth whitening addiction has taken over the American population and corrupted many people’s minds. Today, teeth whitening in America remains as the seventh most abused and addicted modern product in America today.  When an individual suffers from a teeth whitening addiction, they will soon find themselves facing painful and risky consequences.

Several of these consequences include, but are not limited to:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Excessive tooth sensitivity
  • Transparent teeth
  • Tooth and gum irritation or pain
  • Never achieving the benefits that you want

Addiction Help

Getting help for an addiction to teeth whitening is very important because your teeth are there to help you eat and live normally.  When you put your teeth at risk, you put your own physical and mental health at risk.  Call Stop Your Addiction now to find out more on addiction treatment.

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