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A tanning addiction occurs when an individual appears to have a psychological or physical addiction to sun bathing or using tanning beds. In the media today, this addiction is known as tanorexia as a slang word because it is a mix between tanning and anorexia. This is said because the addicts, much like anorexics, can never say when enough is enough, and it is affecting more and more individuals as the need to be tan seems to be everyone’s main concern. The tanning addiction epidemic in America, and around the globe, is causing many people to die from the devastating side effects.

This addiction cause problems such as:

  • Aged skin
  • Cataracts of the eyes
  • Sagging skin
  • DNA damage
  • Skin cancer
  • Death

Tanning Addiction Can be Very Dangerous

Tanning AddictionWhether it is tanning indoors or outdoors, repetitive exposure to the sun affects many aspects of a person’s life. He or she may have been diagnosed with skin cancer and still continues to tan without taking precautions for their own physical health.

Getting treated for a tanning addiction is now simpler, and there are several different options that people have when considering getting help for their addiction.

They can choose to go into:

  • Weekly therapy
  • Daily therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Rehab centers that focus solely on tanning addictions

These programs work by showing the addict that they are beautiful without having to be tan. The addicts are shown the devastating effects that their habitual tanning has had on them and their overall well-being.

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