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Smoking AddictionSmoking addiction happens because of the harmful and highly addictive substance in cigarettes, nicotine.  Once this substance gets into a person’s system, it nearly becomes impossible to put down the cigarettes without help.  Millions of people nationwide have an addiction to smoking and roughly 90% of those people continue to smoke.

About Smoking Addiction

Smoking AddictionSmoking can cause cancer in the lungs, throat or mouth, clogged arteries, emphysema or heart trouble. Many people die daily due to the serious health problems resulting from smoking addiction.

Sadly, some kids begin to smoke as early as ten years old and many actually become addicted. This will lead to a lifetime addiction with serious health consequences for many of them.  Parents who smoke should try to set an example and quit smoking for their children’s sake.

There are treatments such as patches and gum that send nicotine into your system to gradually wean the smoker off cigarettes. Part of the smoking addiction revolves around the whole process of  picking up the cigarette and the whole ritual of lighting it, etc.

According to the American Heart Association, smoking addiction and nicotine addiction have historically been some of the hardest addictions to break, while the pharmacological and behavioral characteristics that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment

When someone has an addiction, it is often hard for the person to admit that there is a problem. Once a problem is admitted, treatment is the next step to an addiction free life. Treatment is necessary so the addict doesn’t fall back into the same pattern or routines and repeat the addiction. There are many benefits to receiving addiction treatment. One of these is that a person receiving addiction treatment has a person or people there for support.

This can help greatly when trying to kick a habit, to have someone there to talk to. When someone is suffering from an addiction, all the person wants to do is get their next “fix.” This may make it very difficult for someone with an addiction to focus on a job, family, or anything else. After receiving addiction treatment, the addict is now able to focus on living life instead of trying to get the next high. Recovering addicts can focus on families, careers, and living without addiction. When an addict goes through treatment, they learn why they may have the addiction, and ways to cope with the problem causing the addiction. After an addict has beat an addiction, life can be so much better. Since the addict is no longer focusing their energy on getting the high they need, they can live a productive life, focusing on friends, family, work, and being a better person. Some former addicts also turn to God for the strength needed to stay straight. Battling an addiction, no matter what it is, can be the hardest thing to do, but when it is beat, the feeling is better than that of any high. If a person can beat an addiction, then that person is capable of doing anything.

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Smoking addiction has become more than just a form of relaxation for some people; it has grown to be an important factor in their daily life.  They have to plan their smoking activities to adjust to all the non-smoking rules in place everywhere, and many will even avoid going any place where they can’t smoke.

The statistics are growing for numbers of people dying from a smoking addiction. If you have a friend or loved one who needs help for smoking addiction, call Stop Your Addiction today.

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