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Sex addiction is considered an actual addiction just as drug or alcohol addiction because the powerful force behind the desire to engage in risky behaviors or life threatening habits in order to engage in sex becomes a compulsive, uncontrollable sex. A sex addict gains their “high” or euphoria from the chemicals released in the brain.  Just as any other addiction, the body becomes accustomed to the sensation and needs more and more to reach that satisfying feeling.

Sex Addiction is Revealed in Behaviors Such As

  • Excessive masturbation
  • Pornography
  • Voyeurism
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual affairs

In more severe cases, sexual addiction may lead to rape, molestation, and even murder.  Although, all of these features of sexual addiction have one commonality, that one thing in common is secrecy.

Those who are addicted to sex have a distorted view of pleasure and tend to use sex as a means of escape from dailySex Addiction life.  In many cases, the individual fantasizes about past sexual activity and seeks to repeat those feelings of comfort and excitement.  They often follow that with feelings of remorse or guilt and shame, yet they can’t seem to stop seeking yet another sexual encounter.  In many ways, sex addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction or eating disorders.

The biggest problem faced with sex addiction is the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Due to the increased feeling of needing to reach that sexual euphoria, multiple sex partners are often involved.  With multiple sex partners, this increases the chances of sexually transmitted disease.  Because of this, it is time to stop your addiction now before it escalates into something out of your control.

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